Repeating patterns

Today in placement I brought in worksheets and materials for the children to make repeating patterns. The children made necklaces and bracelets out of pasta, then I followed up this activity with a patterns worksheet, that a group of children filled out.

This activity primarily promoted fine motor skills but also enhanced recognition of patterns.


Number formation with messy foam!

Today I provided materials so that the children could have fun whilst practicing their numbers. Foam soap! The children loved it and all had a go! The textures fascinated them! I will definitely bring it in again.

Science experiment!

In our science lesson today we were learning about how plants ‘drink’ water. Our experiment was, in groups, the children added some food colouring into water that the flowers are sitting in. We are waiting to see if it turns the petals the colour of the food colouring! Which will prove that flowers do drink water through their stem.


Today I provided lots of magnetic materials for the tuff spot in the investigation area of the classroom. Since introducing magnets to the children, we’ve discovered they have become very curious of them.

I provided materials such as magnetic letters & numbers, paper clips, zips, spoons, coins and magnetic counters, I also later on added pipe cleaners and keys.

ICT Lesson

Today the children were taught the process of saving an image so we can look back at it when needed. A demonstration was carried out prior to the children doing it independently. In the activity I led, the children created an image of their choice and then were to remember what button was the save button, then to type their name in, and add it into our class file.

We then looked back at all of the children’s pictures at the end of the day to show them that when they save items on the computer they are always there, whereas if we do not save it we cannot see it again.